15 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone

In today’s digital age, it’s not uncommon for individuals to want to keep tabs on their loved ones, particularly children or elderly parents. It can also be useful for employers to monitor their employees, especially if they’re working remotely. But what if you don’t have access to the target phone? Can you still monitor their activity? The answer is yes! In this article, we’ll explore the best free spy apps for Android without the target phone.

What are Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone?

Free spy apps for Android without target phone are surveillance tools that allow you to monitor a target’s activity without physically accessing their device. These apps are designed to be stealthy and undetectable, and they allow you to remotely track a target’s activity, such as calls, messages, location, and social media activity.

What are the Best Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone?

There are several free spy apps for Android without target phone, but not all of them are created equal. Here are some of the best free spy apps for Android without target phone:

  • Spyic: Spyic is one of the most popular free spy apps for Android without target phone. It’s a reliable and user-friendly app that allows you to track a target’s activity, including calls, messages, location, and social media activity.
  • Cocospy: Cocospy is another popular free spy app for Android without target phone. It’s a powerful and user-friendly app that allows you to remotely track a target’s activity, including calls, messages, location, and social media activity.
  • Minspy: Minspy is a free spy app for Android without target phone that’s known for its advanced features, including the ability to monitor social media activity, location tracking, and call and message monitoring.
  • Neatspy: Neatspy is a free spy app for Android without target phone that’s known for its user-friendly interface and powerful features, including the ability to monitor social media activity, location tracking, and call and message monitoring.

How Do Phone Spy Apps Work?

These are tracking software or spyware installed on the targeted phone to keep track of and monitor the activities of the owner or phone itself. Spying is better when a targeted person needs to be made aware for you to get accurate results and findings. The apps monitor and convey information such as messages, recordings of the screen or surroundings, access to call logs and contact, and even a calendar, among other features depending on your choice and preference of the spy app you like since not all, have the same features.

Most spy app offers stealth mode features to enable tracking remotely and should not display an icon on the targeted phone or any suspicion of background operation. Kindly check the best spy apps we have reviewed and see fit you.

Key Features of Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone

Free spy apps for Android without target phone typically come with a wide range of features, including:

  • Call and message monitoring: You can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and messages, including the date and time of each call and message.
  • Location tracking: You can track the target’s real-time location, as well as view their location history.
  • Social media monitoring: You can monitor the target’s social media activity, including their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter activity.
  • Website monitoring: You can monitor the websites the target visits, as well as view their browsing history.
  • Keylogger: A keylogger allows you to view all the keystrokes made on the target’s device, including passwords and other sensitive information.
  • Remote control: You can remotely control the target’s device, including the ability to lock and unlock the device, and wipe its data.

Top 15 Best Free Spy Apps for Android without Target Phone

1. mSpy

This is the top best spy app overall for Android in 2023 with 14 days refund policy. It comes with adorable features, but our most liked feature is a screen recorder enabling screenshots of the targeted phones keeping users of the live updates of what the targeted person is up to; these features work even on apps not supported by mSpy directly.

This app protects sensitive data even in monitoring scenarios as data is transferred to the end user with highly banked grade encryption. It updates users every 5 minutes, and its customer support is available 24/7. The mSpy gives a user geofencing feature enabling access to the location of the targeted phone.


  • Enables blocking of the unnecessary website on the targeted phone
  • It grants access to tracking calls, text messages, and call logs
  • The geofencing feature provides a location alert
  • Monitors social media chat apps
  • Keylogger enables typing recording on the targeted phone
  • Offers live chat instantly, 29 minutes via email
  • Gets access to a wide range of social media apps
  • Offers screen recording enabling screenshots
  • Provide 24/7 customer support live
  • Provide live demo
  • Data is transmitted with encryption for security purposes
  • Expensive to purchase and instal
  • Has no remote-Control features
  • No surrounding sound record features
  • Requires rooting for instant messenger checking

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using mSpy App:

  • Internet
  • Call logs and calls
  • Location using GPS
  • Social media chat apps
  • History of the browser

Pricing: This app is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad at these rates having two pricing plans,

  • Basic version at $29.99/month
  • Premium version at $69.99/month

Root Android: No.

2. uMobix

Our second-best spy app for free in 2023 gives you great functionalities to monitor everything happening on the targeted phone. Provide access to deleted and sent files like messages, call logs, and contacts, making it challenging to hide data since the app access everything.

Enables remote control to some features of the targeted phone, which includes switching the camera and microphone on for the user to listen to a conversation or surroundings of the targeted device. Highly compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

It makes it easy to block some applications that might harm kids and restrict time spent browsing so that children can also focus on their studies. Provides access to locations all over the world by using GPS tracking.


  • Sound and surrounding record of the targeted device
  • Blocking of phone applications
  • Access to galery and media remotely
  • Keylogger for keystrokes tracking
  • Live to monitor calls and call logs
  • GPS location tracking
  • Enhances location tracking
  • Blocks and restricts apps or websites
  • Renowned application
  • Provide access to deleted files
  • Perfect data synchronizing speed to monitor deleted and sent messages
  • It does not provide the free version
  • Might require jailbreaking
  • Allows only one subscription per device

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using uMobix App:

  • Applications
  • Browsing history
  • Call logs and contact list
  • Data usage

Pricing: It gives an affordable plan of $14.99/month for one year and $29.99/month for one month, then $179.88/year for one device.

Root Android: No.

3. Clevguard

Mainly designed to keep track and monitor kids’ activities, operating without being installed on the targeted phone or device, this feature only works on iPhones. Clevguard allows the user to easily see through contacts lists, pictures, and videos without being detected by the targeted phone.

This spy app does not provide as many features as other apps mentioned in this article, but its ability to operate without instaling software makes it a dependable solution. Highly recommended for parental control and works on both PCs and phones, where it periodically gathers information concerning text messages. It enables one to access phone files very quickly from any place. Remember, this app is a combination of apps like KidsGuard Pro and operates collectively and effectively to help parents monitor their kids.


  • GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking
  • Multilingual
  • Enhances data synchronising by either 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi
  • Live customers support all the time
  • Phone Call Recording
  • screenshot capturing remotely
  • Provide live chat with customer support at all times
  • Provide accurate time location tracking
  • Adaptive to parents keeping a check on their kids
  • Highly reliable in functionality and performance
  • Restrictive and lengthy await refund policy of 30 days
  • Requires same Wi-Fi connection for both targeted phone and PC
  • Allows access to only one device at a time
  • Expensive on the shorter duration purchase plan

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using Clevguard App:

  • Application usage
  • Browsing and internet history
  • SMS, calls, and contact list, as well as call logs
  • Call recording and screenshot capture
  • Location by use of GPS

Pricing: It comes with their purchasing plan, which is $ 29.95 for one month, $16.65/per month for three months, and finally, $8.32/per month for one year.

Root Android: No.

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another impeccable spy app among the list we have, and it provides a stealth mode feature making it difficult to be seen on the targeted phone. This spy app monitors calls, SMS, location, messages, calendars, and social media chat apps. Location tracking offers are essential to both parents and employers.

The app can automatically record outgoing and incoming calls of the targeted phone, which relates to not listening to calls in real-time. Still, you can save it to listen to later or store it in an archive, making it suitable for business as employers can record calls between employees and customers.

There needs to be more than just recording of calls to make the app suitable for business; also, its purchasing plan favors businesses by supporting multiple devices in its plan. That is up to 25 devices with the same account, and this business plan includes access to the Hoverwatch Android app for the monitor. For 25 devices, it offers $499.95 per year and $99.95 for one device per year.


  • Stealth mode
  • GPS
  • Social media monitoring
  • Multiple devices
  • Access to the phone calendar and contact
  • Record of SMS on the targeted phone
  • Work in an unidentified mode
  • Records both incoming and outgoing calls which are easily audible from both sides
  • Support multiple devices of up to 25 devices for business plan
  • From time to time screenshot taking on the targeted phone
  • It does not allow remote-control features
  • The installation procedure is too manual and complex

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using Hoverwatch App:

  • Internet
  • Saves ful agenda
  • Social media chat apps
  • Detect any Sim card changes
  • Calls and messages
  • Location

Pricing: Hoverwatch is $24.95/month for a personal plan, $9.99/month for a professional plan, and $6.00/month for a business plan.

Root Android: No.

5. EyeZy

Another fantastic and widely grown spy app is EyeZy, launched in 2021. Still, it has gained fane rapidly, being used by millions of people and becoming among the best spy apps in the industry. Compatible with iOS and Android, the app is ideal for parents who need to check their kids’ online activities, providing access to social media chat apps.

This app will enable you to access accurate locations by ‘pinpoint’ service and ‘pinpoint’ service, a plan breaker tool that makes highlighting social meetup plans and alerts easy. Provide users with bank-grade encryption, making sure all data are secure. EyeZy provides a subscription plan for just $47.99/month for one device and $119.88 for one year, which is 9.99/per month, and guarantees a refund policy after 14 days when a customer feels unsatisfied.


  • Synchronisation of data
  • Website control
  • Access to targeted phone events
  • GPS
  • Offers refund policy
  • It gives access to various social media platforms
  • Highly protects and secures data
  • More extended plan purchase comes with affordable rates
  • Operates only for a paid version

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using eyeZy App:

  • Screen recording, videos, photos, and email
  • Internet
  • Social media platforms
  • Calls and messages
  • location

Pricing: Comes with only one dynamic pricing of $19.88/year for one device.

Root Android: No.

6. Cocospy

This is the most straightforward spy app in the industry; instalation takes only 2 minutes, and you can start monitoring on google play, log in and activate stealth mode. Compatible with both iPhone and Android for iPhone you will need iCloud login used on the phone, meaning no physical access to the device being monitored is required.

This app gives a wide range of activities. It features to monitor a phone and access call logs, SMS, social media apps, browsing history, keystrokes, and location, among many other features. It is pretty robust and hence retrieves little information from the targeted phone. It can not activate the camera or microphone remotely but allows access to all videos, call recordings, and other media on the targeted phone.

The purchase plan starts at$ 99.99/per year for one android device or $12.99/per year for iPhone; the family plan goes for $199.99/per year for three Android devices. Allows payment in a bitcoin wallet.


  • Geofencing-based alert
  • GPS real-time
  • Stealth mode
  • Review adult content videos and identified quickly
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Location tracking by use of GPS
  • Identifies abusive words on the targeted device
  • Keylogger features are phenomenal
  • The financial plan includes only Android devices
  • It does not allow the activation of the camera and microphone remotely
  • Requires rooting for some devices

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using Cocospy App:

  • Individual and group conversation
  • Provides clear view of photos and videos
  • Assembles all keystrokes from the targeted device
  • Monitors IMEI number

Pricing: Price starts at $99.99/year for Android and $129.99/year for iPhone devices.

Root Android: No.

7. FlexiSPY

Assumption confirmed whether on motion or at rest, FlexiSPY would allow you to see the targeted phone anywhere. Capture instructions entering and moving from the phone enable you to listen to information and gather android information until the device turns off. Operates in a few processes from installation purchase license activate the targeted phone, all data gets captured and sent to FlexiSpy server and finally view through web count. With more than 150 features, the app operates like others on the list, monitoring all sorts of messages.

It can listen and record live phone calls and their geographical area, capturing VoIP calls made on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and other social media chat apps. Created in 2005, this makes it more experienced, having more innovative features to enhance operational and reliable performance. Offers plans of lite, premium, and extreme as follows $29.95/month, $79/month, and $119/month, respectively.


  • Individual dashboard
  • Flexispy Alert Wizard
  • Live streaming for premium and extreme plans only
  • Allows control of intelligent phones remotely
  • Track device location
  • Spy on internet
  • Temper control by selecting visible options
  • Tracks application activities
  • Live recording of calls and social media
  • Keylogger enables the user to see what is being typed on the targeted phone
  • It has stress free instalation process
  • Pre-instaled service is direct to where you live
  • Offers unlimited immediate device versions during subscription
  • Monitors more IMs than any other app
  • Provide limited Livestream offers
  • Some of its features contradict
  • The extreme purchase plan is expensive

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using FlexiSPY App:

  • Contacts and calendar
  • Internet activities
  • Camera capture
  • Chat apps
  • Listening to live phone calls

Pricing: Pricing is divided into lite, extreme, and supreme discussed before,

  • Lite $29.95/month
  • Premium $68/month
  • Extreme $199 for three months

Root Android: No.

8. Spyera

Spyera is highly recommended for web browsing monitoring because it gives detailed information about it without a second thought. You can access everything the user is up to and their internet searches and take a screenshot of every page they visit, however much security they opt-in, or even VPN. It has no limitations in monitoring phones and operates on tablets, windows, and Mac computers, making it monitor devices actively.

Spyera has a unique plan which states one smartphone, one tablet, and one computer at $389/year for one device. Allows monitoring of Android phones or iPad remotely.


  • Advanced keylogger
  • Frequent updates and upgrades
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Protects business by allowing control of employees by employers
  • Allows access to entire browsing history view and gives detailed call logs
  • Provide recordings of every call activity
  • Keystroke logger for unidentified operation
  • Perfect synchronising speed and adequate connection
  • Expensive plan
  • No live demo

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using Spyera App:

  • Dashboard alert
  • Device battery status
  • Location
  • Internet
  • Social media
  • Calls and messages on the Trilian application

Pricing: It comes with four planning for purchases,

  • $89/month for a smartphone
  • $68/month for tablets
  • $49/month for computers
  • $389/year for one device

Root Android: No.

9. PcTattletale

This spy app is designed most preferably for employers because they can view their employees’ productivity and statistics via visible graphs and chats. PcTattletale runs invisibly in the background and can not be seen on the targeted phone. Helps YouTube like videos of their every tap or click. Employers are encouraged to use this app for theft and laziness control in a firm since such behaviour does not support good production, so keeping employees on their toes is advised.

This app monitors social media platforms and chats apps and activities such as text messages, emails, web browsing, and video games. Reveal employee theft, disloyalty, and their hidden agenda records Android and windows and offer a refund of 60 days guarantee by allowing like seven days free demo. Compatible on Android and windows with a subscription plan of $99/month for a family, $147/month for a family plus, and $297/month for a business plan.


  • Cloud storage
  • Undetectable
  • GPS tracking
  • Provides remote view
  • Has multiple devices
  • Provides live demo
  • All-time customer support is provided
  • Checks phone usage every hour
  • Allows offline video recording
  • The live recording is not supported in privacy windows
  • Long await refund period

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using PcTattletale App:

  • Social media chat apps
  • Location internet
  • Video thumbnails
  • App activities
  • Calls and messages

Pricing: Provides a subscription plan of $99/month for a family, $147/month for a family plus, and $297/month for a business plan.

Root Android: No.

10. iKeyMonitor

Another interesting parental control spy app enables users to remotely observe targeted devices via the web-based user interface and controls their actions. It permits blocking the installation of specific apps and games on the targeted device. Choose specific plans that are a free plan and business plan for inclusive parental control and guidance.

This app will be helpful to employers as well in keeping tabs on the smartphone activities of employees. The app will allow you to access the following: calls, messages, screenshots, keeping of tabs, real-time alerts, and keystrokes for location checks of the targeted phone.


  • provision of app usage limit and set screen
  • Takes screenshot remotely
  • Keystrokes and visited website
  • Geofencing for accurate location tracking
  • Limitation of screen time
  • Easy to use
  • Monitors all message type
  • Provide real-time alerts of the targeted device
  • Blocks were chosen apps and video games harmful to kids
  • It has many the tracking features
  • Separates payment for add-on features
  • Some features are confusing to users
  • Limited features for jailbreaking version

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using iKeyMonitor App:

  • Export of logs
  • View Wi-Fi history
  • Records keystrokes
  • Location
  • Internet
  • Social media

Pricing: The purchasing plan is as follows: the free plan is $16.66, and the business plan is $9.99 per device for a minimum of 20 devices.

Root Android: No.


XNSPY is an excellent spy app for remote control for Android and iOS devices. It enables you to track almost everything on the targeted phone, that is, the monitoring of both incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and messages, and social media messaging applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, telegram emails, and calendar entries. With this unique spy app, remote users can send commands to the phone where the app is installed.

Capable of activating microphone to record ambient sound and send camera capture of the screen and locks the device remotely hence useful for tracking stolen or lost phone. It offers location tracking by geofencing, enabling one to see specific movement trends and the location of the targeted phone; this feature can be helpful to parents who want to spy on their kids. Pricing entails $49.99/month and 119.88/year for one device.


  • Access to view photos
  • Call history
  • Locking of the device remotely
  • Geofencing for location tracking
  • Access to web browsing
  • Enable command to the targeted phone
  • Offers quite a several innovative features
  • Provides free demo for new users
  • Tracks all messages on social media apps
  • Shut or swipe targeted phone remotely
  • No free plan offered
  • Quite expensive to purchase

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using XNSPY App:

  • Call history
  • Lost phones or stolen devices
  • Contacts and calendar
  • Browsing features

Pricing: Pricing entails $49.99/month and 119.88/year for one device.

Root Android: No.

12. Spyic

Famously known for camera hacking, it operates like any other app monitoring social media chats, text messages, and contacts in stealth mode. This Spyic app is compatible with both Android and iOS. It does not necessitate user friendliness and lacks tech support methods and options. It has compelling remote monitoring features to monitor contacts’ browser history, WhatsApp checks, and caller tracker. Pricing goes for three plans which are $49.99/month for the basic plan, $69.99/month for the premium plan, and the family plan for $89.99/month.


  • Browsing history
  • Call tracker
  • Contacts checker
  • WhatsApp check
  • Provide live demo
  • Easy to install and use
  • Small space coverage
  • Long a wait refund might be inconveniencing
  • Customer support has contradicting reviews

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using Spyic App:

  • Browser history
  • Contact list and call logs
  • WhatsApp
  • Call tracking
  • Camera

Pricing: Pricing goes for three plans which are $49.99/month for the basic plan, $69.99/month for the premium plan, and the family plan for $89.99/month.

Root Android: No.

13. Mobile Tracker

As the name suggests, it is designed for iOS. It is the best spy app for Android, capable of monitoring calls, Facebook and WhatsApp messages, and SMS messages, among other features. It has a support limitation on many apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Mobile tracker operates in stealth mode, enabling the user to take photos, turn on the microphone, and capture screenshots, thus essential for both parents and employers.

For parents, it provides schedule restrictions, making them have a severe motoring plan for their kids. The user dashboard is easy to navigate for its straightforwardness. The mobile tracker does not guarantee an app for end users to access the data collected; you must log in on the company website. Has Avery’s simple plan of $5 for one device.


  • Stealth mode
  • Schedule restriction
  • Free and easy navigation of the dashboard
  • Website based
  • Provide access to Facebook and WhatsApp messages
  • Suitable for Facebook and WhatsApp monitoring
  • Offers parental control of schedule restriction
  • Provide access to a phone camera remotely
  • Free monitoring software
  • No mobile app for user

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using Mobile Tracker App:

  • WhatsApp and Facebook messages
  • Restricting kids by providing schedule restriction
  • Phone camera remotely

Pricing: Has Avery’s simple plan of $5 for one device.

Root Android: No.

14. GeoFinder

Highly rated for location tracking using GPS, this spy app relies on phone numbers to find out the geographical area where the phone being targeted with the phone number is located. Provides access to any carrier or number. Needs data or Wi-Fi for both targeted device and user for accuracy depending on the location and permissions the mobile being spied on is unlocked.

The tracked information is received as SMS instead of being followed on a map, but the SMS has a link that directs them to the map if the user clicks, making it easy for orientation and convenient tracking. This spy asp provides a purchase fee of $29.99 for ten years of membership, giving unlimited numbers of devices or phones to be tracked. It has no refund policy, so trying a free demo account is advisable before purchasing your plan.


  • Relies on phone number
  • Works on all carriers and any number
  • Requires data or Wi-Fi connection
  • Provide an unlimited plan for membership purchase
  • Works with cellular or Wi-Fi connection for efficiency
  • Extraordinary phone tracker app
  • Membership requires only a one-time fee
  • Capable of tracking an unlimited number of phones
  • No refund policy
  • It only tracks when the targeted device is on

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using GeoFinder App:

  • Location
  • Phone number

Pricing: This spy asp provides a purchase fee of $29.99 for ten years of membership, giving unlimited numbers of devices or phones to be tracked.

Root Android: No.

15. Mobilespy

Before we forget, here is another excellent spy app suitable for parental control; with this, they can access incoming and outgoing calls and messages from an extensive range of chatting apps like Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Keep users updated on the location visited by the targeted person at all times. Parents will feel relieved that they can even see which apps their kids mainly use; this feature is called an app usage tracker.

It provides restrictive features sometimes, which enable kids not to get that early to their phones and focus on chores or assignments. Imagine controlling which app your child should use; you will only get this feature, among other apps. Mobile Spy. It enables you to block unnecessary or inappropriate apps for your children. So amazing that these features never stop. With only that, this app will give you a live feed of the targeted phone screen. Provide plans for one device at $19/month and $158/year.


  • Blocking of unnecessary apps
  • Sets usage restrictions
  • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Location tracking
  • Provide a schedule for phone use restriction
  • All-time customer support
  • Gives live phone screen feed of the targeted phone
  • Monitor social media messaging apps
  • No refund policy

What You Will Be Able To Monitor Using Mobilespy.at App:

  • Offensive apps on your kid’s phone
  • Location
  • Social media messaging apps
  • Time spent browsing each app

Pricing: Provide plans for $19/month and $158/year for one device.

Root Android: No.

How to Spy on a Phone? – Step by Step Guide

There must be valid reasons one would like to spy on someone’s phone; all your reasons and thoughts should now be in action, for we have given you what to use, how to use it, and where to use it. You may want to know whether your spouse is cheating, what your children are up to, and what your employees are hiding from you; all these are sorted now and here, and please feel relieved.

  • Sign up for the spy app you have selected for a paid or better plan.
  • Instal the app on the targeted phone. Just make sure the apps operate on stealth mode and make sure you have physical access to the phone for an android device.
  • You can start monitoring.

Best Phone Spy Apps Compared

Don’t stress yourself if you find it chalenging to choose the best spy apps due to almost similar functions. Here is a precise comparison for a quick check for quick decision-making.

Best Phone Spy AppCostRefund PolicyDevices Number ManagedDevice Type
mSpy$29.99/month basic $69.99/month premium14dysoneAndroid iPhone iPad
uMobix$179.88/year14dysoneAndroid iPhone
Clevguard$29.95 for one month $16.65/month for three months14dysoneAndroid iPhone
Hoverwatch$99.95/yearnoneoneAndroid iPhone
eyeZy$119.88/year14dysOneAndroid iPhone
Cocospy$99.99/year for Android $129.99/year for iPhone.14dysoneAndroid iPhone
FlexiSpy$29.95/month for the lite plan $79/month for a premium plan $119/month for an extreme plan14dysoneAndroid iPhone
Spyera$89/month for a smartphone $69/month for tablets $49/month for computers10dysoneiPhone Android Windows Mac
PcTattletale$99/month for family $147/month for family plus $297/month for the business plan60dysoneAndroid iPhone Windows
iKeyMonitorFree30dys0ne Android iPhone
XNSPY$49.99/month $119.88/month14dysoneAndroid iPhone
SpyicThe basic plan is $49.99/per month Premium plan$69.99/month Family plan$89.99/month60dysoneAndroid iPhone
Mobile TrackerFreeN/AoneAndroid iPhone
Geofinder$29.99NoneUnlimitedAndroid iPhone
MobileSpy.at$158/yearNoneoneAndroid iPhone

Why Use a Phone Spy App?

There are many reasons to use these spy apps and be free from various suspicions.

1. Parental Monitoring

The preferable reason for using spy apps is parental monitoring; it will be safer to know what your child is doing, who on social media they are talking to, what content they are into, and what areas they attend in your absence. All these questions are worth it from a responsible parent. These spy apps will enable the parent to block unnecessary apps and games, allowing kids to visit and browse what is suitable for their knowledge.

There are those apps that will help you locate their location all the time and even listen to their surrounding recordings and screenshot capture. Parents should take advantage of these apps to restrict their schedules so that they can focus on their studies and have enough sleep at night. We dearly advise parents to use these apps well and know that kids also have rights, so do this without offending them. Everyone needs privacy to some level.

2. Tracking Employee Activity

Responsible employers will improve productivity in the firm; these spy apps will ensure you get time-to-time activities employees do even in your absence; you can’t be available in the office or work all the time. Some employees work better under supervision; we recommend using these spy apps to help you get updates. Hoverwatch will enable recordings between employees and customers and avails a good business plan for up to 25 devices.

3. Snooping on a Spouse

We find this very interesting; many marriages and courtships end up ugly due to cheating and untrustworthy conversations. Here you will have a solution to your problem, and you will find out where your partner is and who they spend time with through access to their chats and text messages.

What are Some Benefits of Free Spy Apps for Android without Target Phone?

There are several benefits to using free spy apps for Android without target phone, including:

  1. Convenience: One of the biggest benefits of using free spy apps for Android without target phone is convenience. You don’t have to physically access the target’s device, and you can monitor their activity from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Stealth: Free spy apps for Android without target phone are designed to be stealthy and undetectable, so you can monitor the target’s activity without them knowing.
  3. Peace of mind: If you’re a parent, you can use free spy apps for Android without target phone to keep an eye on your children, and ensure they’re safe and not in any danger.
  4. Improved productivity: If you’re an employer, you can use free spy apps for Android without target phone to monitor your employees’ activity and ensure they’re not wasting company resources on personal activities.
  5. Cost-effective: Free spy apps for Android without target phone are typically free or low-cost, making them a cost-effective solution for those on a budget.
  6. Easy to use: Many free spy apps for Android without target phone are designed to be user-friendly, so you don’t have to be a tech-expert to use them.

Overall, free spy apps for Android without target phone offer a convenient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solution for those who want to monitor the activity of their loved ones, employees, or anyone else.

Limitations of Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone

Free spy apps for Android without target phone do come with some limitations, including:

  • Limited features: While free spy apps for Android without target phone do offer a range of features, they may not be as comprehensive as paid spy apps.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy of the data collected by free spy apps for Android without target phone can vary, and it may not always be up-to-date.
  • User-friendly: Some free spy apps for Android without target phone can be difficult to use, particularly for those who are not tech-savvy.


Free spy apps for Android without target phone are a great way to monitor the activity of your loved ones, employees, or anyone else, without having physical access to their device. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your children, monitor your employees, or just want to know what someone is up to, free spy apps for Android without target phone offer a range of features to help you do just that. Just remember to check the laws in your country before using a spy app, and choose the best app that fits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to use spy apps?

For some reason, spy apps are illegal but are entirely legal for ethical reasons; installing a spying app on someone’s phone without their knowledge is illegal. However, parents do use it legally to monitor kids underage of 18yrs. These devices are safe for highly encrypted data and transmitted to the monitor for only the person spying to see, not the target one.

Can You Use Spy App Without Touching the Target Phone?

Let’s say it is impossible cause you will always need access to the targeted phone to install the app; as most spy app works even for the iPhone, iCloud, which offers two-way synchronization, will still require you to get access to the two-factor authentication code sent to the targeted phone.

How do free spy apps for Android without access to the target phone work?

iCloud backup offers two-way synchronization between the cloud and an iPhone; you only need login credentials for iCloud backup from the targeted phone and confirm the two-factor authentication code. Once installed, the phone will do monitoring without being physically accessed again.

Can a phone spy app be detected?

Yes, there are different ways of detecting spy apps, but why take such a risk when most spy apps give you unique undetected features? Choose an app that operates in stealth mode.

Can you spy on a phone without ever touching it?

This feature is available only to iPhone users, so you can spy on a phone without touching it. It requires iCloud app installation demanding the user to have access to iCloud credentials and a two-factor authentication code the phone uses.

How do you find hidden spy apps on Android?

Finding hidden spy apps on Android may not be easy, but we recommend you use play protect because we find it very simple and easily accessible on the google play store for download.

How do you find hidden spy apps on your iPhone?

To find a spying app on iPhone, you need to check the permissions app found on the phone, and in case there is enabled, there is a high chance of installing a spy app on the device.

What is the best free undetectable spy app?

For a free spy app, we highly recommend Mobile Tracker. Being perfectly undetectable and compatible with both iOS and Android phones, but at a cost. Kindly use mSpy, for it has adorable features you might regret missing.

How to spy on iPhone with just the number?

Among our best spy apps, we recommend using GeoFinder as the best to spy on an iPhone using the number; it has an incredible ability to monitor devices without access to them.