How to Find Location by Phone Number (Multiple Ways)

You have probably been in a situation where you wanted to find the location of someone, for example, your friend or family member, to make sure they were safe or because you were curious about their whereabouts. Or perhaps, you lost your phone and wanted to track its location before someone would be able to steal it.

In that situation, you probably asked yourself the question: “Is there a way to find my phone location by number?”. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to find location by phone number. All you need to do is keep reading this article and find the method that works best for you.

How to Find Location by Phone Number (Multiple Ways)

1. Use Geofinder to Find the Phone Number

GEOfinder is a useful web-based tracker that does not need installation on a target device. This tool is great at overcoming obstacles that may prevent you from finding a location. It has a five-meter radius coverage that can immediately identify the target location, regardless of phone model, cell phone carrier, OS, or distance.

In fact, GEOfinder is so good that it will still be able to find a location even when someone uses a VPN. It’ll tell you the GPS location and which Wi-Fi network an individual is connected to. Here is a detailed guide on how to find a location by using GEOfinder:

  • Enter a target phone number and then click “Find.”
  • Wait for a system to generate the SMS message that will contain the link, which will be send to the phone number owner.
  • After receiving the SMS, the phone number owner has to click on a link which will help you access their location and you will see it displayed in your own userspace.

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2. Use uMobix

This is another great tool you can use to find the target location. The great thing about uMobix is that it offers you a practical, easy solution to trace the exact location of the phone and display it for you on Google Maps.

You should also know that uMobix can still help you find the target location even when the person didn’t give you access to the GMs. All that is needed is to have uMobix software installed on a target phone and you’ll be able to track their location, including the places they visited the most frequently. And the best thing? You can conveniently access all of that from your simple user space.

Additionally, the person will not even realize that you’re tracking them because uMobix has a stealth mode that guarantees its presence will not be known on a target device.

It’s also important to mention that uMobix has 43 highly advanced tracking features that help you track the target’s SMS, calls, email, social media messages, and media files. You can also access remote video and audio streaming. Here is what you need to do to find a location by using uMobix:

  • Go to uMobix’s official website where you can create an account.
  • Choose the target phone’s OS (Android or iOS are available options) and a subscription plan.
  • Pay for your subscription plan.
  • Check the email you used during registration where you’ll see an installation guide.
  • Follow the guide and install uMobix on your target device accordingly.
  • After the installation is over, you can instantly start tracking.

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3. Use Location Sharing Feature Of Google Maps (For iPhone And Android)

Google Maps is a well-known and popular mobile locator service worldwide that comes with great features. It is not just a useful navigator; it can also function as a GPS tracker. And the best part? It’s free and you can use it on both iOS and Android, which makes it accessible to a lot of people.

However, there’s something you should know before using a location-sharing feature of Google Maps; the target person whose location you’re looking for must give you access to their own Google Maps. Otherwise, this method won’t work for you.

4. Find A Location For Free By Using

A unique thing about is that it allows you to find someone’s location with a picture. It is a tracking tool that helps you find the individual’s GPS coordinates through any messenger. It’s not even necessary to download the app because you can use a web browser of any kind. You simply have to open a browser of your choice, go to the official website, and register to get started.

No matter where a target individual is, you’ll get their accurate whereabouts in just a few minutes, without any delays, and completely anonymously. Equipped with the IP logger, VPN checker, GPS tracker, WI-Fi tracker, and a cell phone carrier lookup, you’ll be able to discover all the important data you’ll need.

But how exactly can you find a location by using a picture? Here is what you need to do:

  • First, create the account on the official website and make sure to accept the “Privacy Notice” and “Terms of Service”.
  • Then click on “Create an account.”
  • Choose a subscription package that seems most convenient for you.
  • Log into a userspace and then upload the image on the website. You can either insert the image URL or upload the photo saved on your phone.
  • Wait for to generate a location-tracking link.
  • After the link is generated, copy it and then send it to an individual whose location you are trying to track.
  • When a target receives your message that contains a link and clicks on it, you’ll automatically receive their precise whereabouts in the userspace.

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5. Use Find My App (Available For iPod, iPad, and iPhone Users)

Find My is an app that functions as an official tracking tool for iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices. Before using the app, check out your iOS version. If it’s 13 or later, you’ll find it easy to share your location with another iOS device via Find My. But if your iOS version is 9 to 12, you should try using Find My Friends. As for iOS 15+ version users, you’ll be able to track the location even when a device is currently turned off. Here is a detailed guide on how to find someone’s location by using Find My:

  • Open software on a target device.
  • Click on “Start sharing location.”
  • Then click on a plus icon so you can add yourself to a list (if there’s already one created). Finally, add your own Apple ID email.
  • Now select your email in your profile and then click on “Send” as well as “Share Indefinitely.”
  • Now all there is left for you to do is to open the app on your device so you can begin tracking the target device’s location.

6. Use the Find My Device App (For Android)

You can Install a Find My Device from Google. Once the installation is complete, you can link it to your personal Google account so you can access it easily. This tool integrates with Google Maps, which ensures that you can track the target location on maps as quickly as possible.

7. Search For A Target Number On Various Social Media Platforms

Social media websites are great for learning about people’s online activities. Popular communication platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, allow users to share their posts and stories with a real-time location, helping you find it.

8. Use the Location Sharing Feature

There are many social apps that make it easy to track the location of a mobile phone. These apps include Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, all of which can help you find the location you are searching for.

But note that you can only use this feature when it is enabled by default. But if not, you will have no choice but to request a location sharing with someone you want to track. Also, keep in mind that the person can enable the location-sharing feature for only a certain time and turn it off later.

9. Check A Phone’s Caller ID (The CNAM Lookup Method)

Another way to track location is through a caller ID name or CNAM lookup, allowing you to see the caller’s name while your phone is ringing and finding a caller’s location by their phone number. It provides you with info about a caller’s name, city, and state.

But don’t forget that CNAM lookup won’t work in case a caller has the CNAM blocker on their phone. In that situation, you will never find their location and identity.

10. Use the IMEI Tracker

International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a unique, fifteen-digit number that is assigned to each mobile device and functions as the global identification code. Here is how you can find an IMEI number:

  • Take a cell phone.
  • Then go to “Settings.”
  • Click on “About” and “General”.
  • Scroll down until you find an IMEI number.

There are three methods you can find location using IMEI: use IMEI tracking apps, contact your own service provider to ask them to track the phone location via the IMEI number, or contact the police if the device is lost.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many methods you can use to find a location by phone number. All you need to do is pick the one that seems most comfortable for you and track the location as quickly as possible.

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