List Of The 15 Best Background Check Companies in 2024

Choosing the right background check company is crucial for employers, landlords, and anyone else who needs to screen potential candidates. With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which companies provide accurate, up-to-date information while maintaining data privacy and legal compliance.

This comprehensive guide examines the 15 best background check companies in 2024 based on reliability, affordability, data security, customer service, and more. Whether you need pre-employment screening, tenant screening, volunteer checks or general public records access, this list will help you find the ideal background check provider for your needs.

About of Background Check Services

Background checks involve researching and compiling various public records and databases to create a report on an individual’s history. Some of the most common types of background checks include:

  • Criminal records: Checks county, state and federal criminal databases for arrests, convictions, incarcerations and registered sex offender status.
  • Employment verification: Contacts previous employers to confirm employment dates, position titles, salary and performance.
  • Education verification: Confirms academic credentials like degrees, diplomas and professional certifications.
  • Driving records: Accesses state DMV and transportation department records for driving-related offenses and license validity.
  • Credit reports: Provides credit history including late payments, collections, bankruptcies and outstanding debts.
  • Social Security trace: Verifies the applicant’s Social Security number and previous addresses associated with the number.
  • Civil judgments: Checks court records for financial judgments related to unpaid bills, foreclosures, tax liens and bankruptcies.

Key Criteria for the Best Background Check Companies

When reviewing background check providers, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Accurate and up-to-date information: Look for advanced search algorithms and frequently refreshed public record databases.
  • Fast turnaround times: The top services can generate most standard reports within a few hours or less.
  • Compliance with laws: Companies must adhere to federal and state regulations like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
  • Data security: Robust encryption, cybersecurity protections and privacy controls are essential.
  • Customer support: Helpful guidance, resources and support representatives make screening easier.
  • Customizable packages: The best firms offer tailored solutions based on your unique needs.
  • Affordable pricing: Costs can vary dramatically, so compare options to fit your budget.

With these criteria in mind, let’s examine the top 15 background check companies for 2024.

List of The 15 Best Background Check Companies in 2024

1. Sterling Talent Solutions

With over 50 years in business, Sterling Talent Solutions is arguably the most established and trusted name in employment screening. The company completes 55 million background checks each year for large global corporations, small businesses, staffing agencies and nonprofits.

Sterling Talent Solutions offers a vast menu of verification services including criminal searches, employment and education confirmation, global sanctions checks, drug testing and more. Their background checks leverage billions of public records plus proprietary sources for enhanced insights.

With Sterling Talent Solutions, clients can expect:

  • Industry-leading accuracy rates
  • Advanced FCRA and data security compliance
  • Customizable packages with a la carte options
  • International checks in 240+ countries
  • Fast turnarounds, often within hours
  • Responsive, U.S.-based customer service

While pricing is customized for each client, costs are competitive given the high-quality reports generated. Overall, Sterling Talent Solutions is the leader in pre-employment screening for good reason.

2. First Advantage

Used by over 30,000 organizations globally, First Advantage is likely the largest background screening provider worldwide. Their screening solutions are enhanced by proprietary analytics and machine learning algorithms that boost efficiency.

First Advantage offers the full gamut of employment, education, driving record, global security, healthcare credentialing and resident screening services. Clients praise their customizable packages, fast turnarounds and responsive account management team.

Key benefits of First Advantage include:

  • Over 100 million background screens annually
  • Cutting-edge, AI-powered data insights
  • Global criminal record database of 1 billion+ records
  • Options for applicant-initiated ordering
  • Integrations with 100+ HR systems
  • Multilingual customer service team

While First Advantage matches competitors on accuracy and turnarounds, their prices tend to run slightly higher. However, for high-volume clients, custom pricing plans help drive costs down.

3. GoodHire

GoodHire distinguishes themselves through an intuitive online interface that simplifies every step of the background screening process. Their platform allows you to order, manage and review background checks entirely online, maximizing convenience.

In terms of services, GoodHire offers criminal record checks, employment verifications, DMV records, drug testing coordination and international background screening. Their reports leverage 600+ million criminal records alongside validated education and employment data sources.

Top benefits of GoodHire include:

  • Easy online account management
  • Custom packages tailored to each client
  • Fast turnarounds with real-time order tracking
  • Integrates with HR software like Workday, SmartRecruiters and Greenhouse
  • Free compliance consultation and FCRA forms
  • Customizable, mobile-friendly applicant portal

GoodHire offers a very cost-competitive pricing structure, especially for high-volume clients. Their cutting-edge platform makes GoodHire a top choice in 2024.

4. Checkr

As a forward-thinking background screening provider, Checkr integrates innovative technology like AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance accuracy while controlling costs and turnaround times. Used by major employers like Uber, Instacart and Equinox, Checkr completes millions of screens annually.

The company offers checks like criminal record searches, employment history, education confirmation, DMV records and drug screening. Everything is accessed via Checkr’s intuitive web dashboard. Customers praise their compliance guarantees, security features and responsive support.

Top advantages of Checkr include:

  • Optimized searches using AI-assisted data filtering
  • Fast, highly accurate reports
  • Options for applicant self-service ordering
  • FCRA-certified consent forms
  • Integrates with 100+ applicant tracking systems
  • Regular security audits and encryption protocols

For gig economy and hourly hiring, Checkr is a top choice thanks to optimized workflows, compliance and applicant support. Their prices are also highly competitive.

5. HireRight

With over 40 years of experience, HireRight is trusted by more than 50,000 global customers, including Fortune 500 giants like Target, Dunkin’ and Oracle. They offer a complete suite of background screening services that leverage both automation and manual verifiers for maximum accuracy.

HireRight’s offerings range from criminal checks to employment history verifications, education confirmation, global security evaluations and drug/health screening. Supported by robust compliance policies and customer service, HireRight empowers informed hiring.

Benefits of HireRight include:

  • Five global operations centers for consistency
  • 95% customer satisfaction ratings
  • Automated and manual verification methods
  • Integrated drug testing and physical exams
  • Ongoing audits to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Multilingual account management and support

Thanks to their operational scale, HireRight provides very competitive pricing on high-quality, accurate reports. For enterprise-level pre-employment screening, HireRight is a leading choice.

6. Mintz Global Screening

Mintz Global Screening specializes in international and domestic background checks optimized for the healthcare industry. Used by major hospitals, clinics and healthcare employers, Mintz simplifies mandatory license, education, DEA registration and employment verifications.

In addition to healthcare screening, Mintz also offers standard employment background checks including criminal record searches, education/employment confirmations and more. Countless healthcare organizations rely on Mintz for compliant screening that meets hospital regulations.

Advantages of Mintz Global Screening:

  • Fast verifications of licenses, hospital privileges and DEA numbers
  • Proprietary global security risk database
  • Real-time order tracking and status updates
  • Instant access to completed background reports
  • Custom packages for different healthcare roles
  • Dedicated account manager for every client

Mintz pricing is very affordable, especially for high-volume healthcare employers and staffing agencies. For fast, compliant healthcare candidate screening, Mintz Global Screening is a superb choice in 2024.

7. IntelliCorp Records

IntelliCorp Records uses smart technologies like machine learning to optimize both the accuracy and turnaround times for employment screening. Serving Fortune 500 companies, IntelliCorp completes several million reports each year.

Offerings include criminal background checks, employment and education verifications, commercial driver records, healthcare sanctions and global watchlist searches. IntelliCorp has invested heavily in automation, allowing fast yet comprehensive background checks.

Top advantages of IntelliCorp Records:

  • Superior data accuracy with lowest discrepancy rates in industry
  • Fast turnarounds, often within one hour
  • User-friendly online dashboard and mobile apps
  • Automated status tracking and email alerts
  • Customizable screening packages
  • Dedicated account manager for top-tier clients

IntelliCorp pricing is very reasonable, especially for high-volume clients. Overall, their tech-driven platform makes IntelliCorp Records a strong option for fast and efficient screening

8. Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting positions themselves as a technology leader within the background screening industry. Their platform integrates AI-powered tools to enhance turnaround times, report accuracy and compliance oversight.

Offerings span criminal searches, employment history checks, education confirmations, healthcare sanctions, global security evaluations and fingerprinting services. Clients praise their easy-to-use online dashboard and threshold alerts for any red flags.

Why clients choose Advanced Reporting:

  • Optimized searches using AI and machine learning
  • Excellent data accuracy rates
  • Options for applicant self-initiated ordering
  • Real-time order tracking and email status alerts
  • Robust compliance with FCRA and local laws
  • Multilingual live support and account management

Advanced Reporting provides very competitive pricing for all industries. Their cutting-edge technology makes them a top background screening provider for 2024.

9. CareerBuilder Employment Screening

As part of CareerBuilder’s suite of talent acquisition solutions, their Employment Screening division leverages massive databases and compliance infrastructure to enable safe hiring. Trusted by over 100,000 companies globally, CareerBuilder offers robust background checks, drug testing and onboarding workflows.

In terms of background screening, CareerBuilder conducts criminal record searches, employment verifications, education confirmation, healthcare sanctions, global watchlist checks and more. Compliance is reinforced every step of the process.

Key advantages of CareerBuilder Employment Screening:

  • Leverages CareerBuilder’s powerful talent acquisition resources
  • Extensive compliance support and FCRA forms
  • Fast, high-quality reports
  • Simple and easy online account management
  • Integrates directly with CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking System
  • Multilingual account management team

Thanks to integration synergies, CareerBuilder offers very cost-effective pricing, especially for high-volume clients. Their experience and resources make them a great one-stop talent acquisition partner.

10. ClearStar Logistics Screening

ClearStar Logistics Screening enables compliant background checks optimized for the transportation industry. Specializing in trucking, delivery and logistics employers, ClearStar simplifies mandatory DOT employment screening and ongoing driver monitoring.

In addition to driver qualification files, ClearStar also conducts standard background checks including criminal records, employment history verification, education confirmation and more. Their sharpened focus on transportation employers has made them an industry leader.

Benefits of ClearStar Logistics Screening:

  • Fast, DOT-compliant driver qualification files
  • Daily driver license monitoring and alerts
  • Drug and alcohol testing at over 8,000 sites
  • Applicant portal for self-initiated screening
  • Automates FMCSA compliance processes
  • Specialized support for transportation HR

For any organization with drivers, ClearStar provides excellent service, compliance and pricing. Their transportation specialization makes ClearStar a top pick for this industry.

11. JD Palatine

With 70 years of experience, JD Palatine thrives on developing tailored solutions for each client’s unique needs. While they offer a full suite of verification services, JD Palatine specializes in financial and healthcare credentialing.

Specific offerings include criminal background checks, employment history confirmation, license/certification verification, drug testing, civil litigation checks and more. Supporting these searches are JD Palatine’s advanced analytics for insights.

Reasons clients prefer JD Palatine:

  • Specialized expertise in financial and healthcare screening
  • Superior customer service and support
  • Customized programs based on client requirements
  • Applicant portal for self-service ordering
  • FCRA-certified forms and compliance support
  • Multilingual service agents and account managers

JD Palatine pricing is very reasonable given their tailored approach and specialized services like financial credentialing. They excel at customizing background checks for each client.

12. Universal Background Screening

Universal Background Screening distinguishes themselves through high-touch customer service, compliance rigor and specialized expertise around tenants and volunteers. In addition to standard employment screening, they enable customized checks for property managers, nonprofits, religious groups and educational organizations.

Universal Background Screening offers criminal record searches, credit reports, eviction checks, sex offender registries, global security watchlists and more. Supporting these programs is expert staff and compliance oversight.

Why clients prefer Universal Background Screening:

  • Custom solutions for tenant screening
  • Specialized volunteer background checks
  • Intuitive online order management system
  • FCRA-certified consent forms
  • Responsive multilingual customer service
  • Ongoing audits to ensure full legal compliance

For property management companies and nonprofits, Universal Background Screening is an ideal partner providing customized screening programs, compliance and support. Their pricing is also very competitive.

13. Asurint

Leveraging industry-leading data sources and analytics, Asurint provides comprehensive background screening solutions for employers, staffing agencies and property managers. Their approach combines automation with manual verification for optimal accuracy.

Asurint’s offers include criminal checks, employment history, license/credential confirmation, eviction reports, drug testing and global security evaluations. Compliance experts review screening criteria to minimize legal risks and enhance safety.

Why clients choose Asurint:

  • Advanced data sources enhance accuracy
  • Manual verifiers for improved insights
  • Custom packages tailored to each client
  • Intuitive web interface and mobile apps
  • Integrates with 100+ HR software systems
  • Responsive customer service and compliance team

Pricing on Asurint’s high-quality reports are very competitive. Their advanced data sources provide deep, accurate insights employers can trust.

14. Aurico Reports

Aurico Reports specializes in enabling comprehensive, legally compliant background checks through technology. Their web-based platform features AI-powered workflows that automate processes for speed and convenience while maintaining accuracy.

Offerings include criminal background checks, employment/education verifications, DOT compliance for drivers, drug testing coordination and specialized healthcare credentialing. Supporting these services is Aurico’s user-friendly online dashboard.

Why Aurico Reports is preferred:

  • Innovative platform powered by AI for speed and ease
  • Excellent combination of automation and human review
  • Custom packages tailored to each client’s needs
  • Integrates directly with numerous HR systems
  • Multilingual customer service team
  • Free price quotes for any screening program

Aurico’s cutting-edge platform and very reasonable pricing make them a compelling background check provider for 2024. Their technology streamlines screening legally and effectively.

15. PreHire Screening Services

PreHire Screening Services positions themselves as a boutique firm that provides specialized expertise and high-touch service. While they offer standard employment checks, PreHire excels at tailored solutions for healthcare, financial services, transportation and retail industries.

Specific services include criminal record checks, employment/education confirmations, license verifications, drug testing, civil litigation checks and global security evaluations. Supporting these programs is PreHire’s experienced staff and compliance team.

Why clients prefer PreHire Screening:

  • Industry-specific customization
  • Superior customer service and expertise
  • Manual verifiers for improved insights
  • FCRA-certified online forms
  • Applicant portal for self-initiated checks
  • Regular audits ensure full legal compliance

PreHire’s industry-sharpened programs enable targeted screening that protects employers. Their compliance and support are also excellent. For customized solutions, PreHire Screening is a strong choice in 2024.

How to Choose the Best Background Check Company

With this list of the top 15 background check companies in 2024, how do you determine the ideal partner for your unique needs? Here are some tips:

  • Compare core services to find a provider that offers all the essential checks you need. Verify they can screen in all states/countries required.
  • Prioritize fast turnarounds so candidates aren’t left hanging and hiring isn’t delayed. Look for automation, real-time results access and responsive support for speed.
  • Evaluate data accuracy by researching sources, verification methods and discrepancy rates. More advanced algorithms and manual review boost reliability.
  • Assess legal compliance through the provider’s FCRA certification, consent forms, data handling policies and compliance team/audits.
  • Define your budget and compare pricing models to maximize value. Volume discounts and flat monthly fees can yield savings.
  • Validate security measures like encryption, cybersecurity regularly audits, privacy controls and limited data retention.
  • Optimize convenience via an intuitive web dashboard, HR software integrations, applicant self-service and multilingual support.

By carefully comparing providers based on these criteria, you can select an ideal background screening partner to promote safe, informed hiring and screening decisions.

How to Get a Background Check

There are a few options for obtaining a background check on yourself or someone else:

  • Use a background check company – The most thorough option is to purchase a background check report from a screening provider. You can order à la carte reports or a bundled package. Costs range $20-$200+ depending on the extent of the search.
  • Request records from government agencies – You can obtain some records directly from courts, DMVs, police departments, etc. However, this takes more time and you may need to visit offices in person. Some agencies charge search fees.
  • Try commercial database aggregators – Sites like combine public records from different sources. But these may miss records and lack depth compared to full background checks.
  • Ask previous employers – With written consent, employers may provide background check information from when they hired you. This can supplement your own search.
  • Review credit reports – Order free annual credit reports via While not comprehensive, these can reveal some civil and financial issues.
  • Search state registries – Most state websites provide free access to sex offender registries and some court/criminal records. Expand searching nationwide for a fuller picture.

For maximum detail, use an established background check company and supplement with government agency records where feasible. Consent is required to run checks on others. Proper adverse action procedures must also be followed.

What is a Background Check Site and How Do They Work

Background check sites are online services that allow individuals and businesses to access public records and databases to screen potential candidates. Here is an overview of how background check sites work:

A background check site serves as an intermediary between the requester and various data sources. These sites contract with government agencies, courthouses, employers, schools and other record keepers to aggregate data into comprehensive reports.

When a customer places an order, the background check company will leverage search algorithms and manual researchers to query relevant databases based on the parameters requested – criminal records, employment history, education verification, etc.

Records accessed generally include:

  • Criminal and court records
  • Sex offender registries
  • DMV and driving records
  • Financial and credit reports
  • Employment and education verification
  • Licensing and certification validation
  • Drug testing results

Once the relevant data is compiled, background check sites process and organize the records into user-friendly reports. Customers can access these reports through secure online dashboards and receive notifications when they are ready.

To ensure legal compliance, background check sites must adhere to fair credit reporting rules, provide adverse action notices and obtain applicant consent. Leading firms also reinforce data security through encryption and access controls.

Overall, online background check sites leverage vast data resources to quickly generate detailed reports for screening applicants. Advanced technologies like AI and machine learning are making these platforms more powerful and efficient than ever before.

Are There Free Background Checks

Yes, there are some limited options for obtaining free background checks. Here are a few ways to potentially access free reports:

  • Government sites – Some state and county government websites provide free search access to criminal records, court records and sex offender registries. However, the records may not be comprehensive or user-friendly.
  • Personal credit reports – Services like allow people to obtain a free credit report from each of the three major bureaus once per year. These can reveal financial crimes, bankruptcies, late payments, etc.
  • Commercial database searches – There are some free aggregated search sites like that compile public records. But they typically only include basic information and exclude sensitive criminal records.
  • Employer-provided reports – If you are an applicant, some employers may provide you with a copy of the background check report they ordered about you for free. This allows you to review it for accuracy.
  • Free trials – Many background check companies offer free trial subscriptions or sample reports to demonstrate their services. But full access requires paid plans.

While these options provide limited “free” background checks, comprehensive employment and tenant screening still requires using reputable paid services for complete, up-to-date records. But free resources can provide a basic starting point in some cases.

What do Companies Look for in a Background Check

When conducting background checks on applicants and employees, companies typically look for information related to:

  • Criminal history – Companies will check for any criminal convictions, especially relevant to the job duties. Violent crimes, financial crimes and recent offenses often raise red flags.
  • Employment verification – Confirming past employment dates, job titles, reasons for departure, eligibility for rehire, and in some cases, salary details. Gaps in employment may require an explanation.
  • Driving records – Any roles involving driving examine licenses, violations, DUIs, accidents and license status.
  • Credit history – For financial and security roles, a credit check helps identify risks for fraud, theft or embezzlement.
  • Education verification – Companies want to confirm any required degrees, training certificates, and professional licenses.
  • References – Speaking with provided references helps assess character, work ethic and past job performance.
  • Drug screening – Pre-employment and regular drug tests screen for policy violations and safety risks.

The extent of the background check often corresponds to the level of risk associated with the position. More scrutiny is applied to jobs involving security, finances, driving, healthcare, working with children, elderly and disabled.

How do Life Insurance Companies Check Medical Background

Life insurance companies use several methods to check an applicant’s medical background during the underwriting process:

  • Medical Information Bureau (MIB) – Nearly all insurers consult the MIB database, which contains medical conditions and testing results reported by member insurance companies.
  • Pharmacy Prescription Records – Insurers may request pharmacy prescription history records with the applicant’s authorization to look for undisclosed conditions.
  • Attending Physician Statements (APS) – For higher value or complex policies, insurers will contact the applicant’s doctors directly to provide medical records, test results and candid health assessments.
  • Paramedical Exam – For policies over certain thresholds, a paramedical examiner will take measurements, fluid samples and conduct an in-person health evaluation of the applicant.
  • Telephone Interview – The underwriter will ask the applicant detailed questions about medical history, testing, lifestyle factors and family history. Discrepancies can delay approval.
  • Motor Vehicle Records – Driving records are checked for incidents like DUI that may indicate substance abuse or health risks.

By combining these various background check methods, life insurers build a comprehensive profile of the applicant’s health and medical history to accurately evaluate and price policy risks. Disclosing all material health issues upfront can help expedite the underwriting process.

Best Background Check Companies for Employers

Here are some of the top background check companies used by employers:

  1. HireRight – Trusted by over 30,000 employers globally, HireRight offers criminal checks, employment and education verifications, drug testing, and more.
  2. FirstAdvantage – One of the largest background screening providers, FirstAdvantage leverages proprietary databases and AI to deliver fast, accurate reports.
  3. Sterling Talent Solutions – A leader in pre-employment screening for over 50 years, Sterling completes 55 million checks annually across 240+ countries.
  4. Checkr – Optimized for high-volume hourly hiring, Checkr integrates AI and machine learning for efficient, accurate screening.
  5. GoodHire – An intuitive online platform that simplifies every step of the background check process for employers.
  6. IntelliCorp – Uses automation and data analytics to deliver fast turnarounds and excellent data accuracy.
  7. Asurint – Customizable programs, advanced data sources, and intuitive dashboards make Asurint a top choice.
  8. Aurico Reports – AI-powered workflows automate screening tasks while maintaining compliance.
  9. Verifile – Specializes in global background checks with access to international records from 240 countries.
  10. ClearStar Logistics – Provides DOT-compliant screening optimized for transportation and logistics employers.

When selecting a provider, key considerations include turnaround time, data accuracy, legal compliance, customer service, security measures, and cost.

What do Background Checks Show

Background checks can reveal a variety of information about a job candidate, tenant applicant, or other individual, including:

  • Criminal records – Felonies, misdemeanors, incarcerations, and sex offender registry status typically appear on criminal background checks.
  • Employment history – Employment dates, position titles, salary, eligibility for rehire, and reasons for departure. Gaps may require an explanation.
  • Education verification – Degrees obtained, schools attended, graduation dates, certifications earned. Academic misconduct may also surface.
  • Driving records – License status, traffic violations, accidents, DUIs, and license suspensions.
  • Credit reports – Financial history including late payments, collections, bankruptcies, balances and payment patterns.
  • Civil court records – Lawsuits, foreclosures, evictions, small claims cases and other legal judgments.
  • Drug test results – Pre-employment and employee drug screening tests check for common illegal and controlled substances.
  • Social media – Reputable firms don’t provide social media content, but some checks verify basic profile details.

Background check extent varies by laws, industry practices and individual company policies. Key factors determining breadth and depth include position sensitivity, potential risks and liability considerations.

What do Employers Look for in a Background Check

When conducting background checks, employers commonly look for the following information:

  • Criminal history – Convictions, arrests, incarcerations and sex offender status. Violent, drug, financial crimes often raise red flags.
  • Employment verification – Past employers confirm dates, job titles, reasons for leaving and eligibility for rehire. Gaps may need explaining.
  • Driving records – For driving roles, licenses, DUIs, traffic violations and accidents are reviewed. Suspended licenses are red flags.
  • Credit reports – Financial crimes, defaults, bankruptcies and high debt raise risks for some positions like accounting.
  • Education verification – Degrees, professional licenses and certifications are confirmed for required credentials.
  • References – Speaking with references provides insights into work ethic, strengths/weaknesses and past behaviors.
  • Drug screening – Pre-employment and random drug tests check for policy violations and safety risks.
  • Social media – Posts can reveal concerning behaviors, though most employers avoid social media background checks.

The extent of the check often increases with position sensitivity. Healthcare, financial, security, driving and jobs involving vulnerable groups commonly warrant more scrutiny.

Frequently Asked Questions About Background Check Companies

How much do background checks cost?

Costs vary greatly by provider. Simple checks like criminal records may start under $20 while executive-level global verification can cost hundreds. On average, expect $50-150 for standard pre-employment screening. High volume and monthly subscriptions can reduce per-check costs.

What are turnaround times for background check reports?

Most searches Turnaround times vary based on the complexity of the search. For basic criminal record checks and employment verifications, top providers can generate reports within a few hours. More extensive checks involving education, licensing, global databases, manual verification and drug testing can take 1-3 days on average. The fastest services leverage automation and AI to accelerate the process while maintaining accuracy. Key factors that determine speed include:

  • Provider’s databases, algorithms and workflows
  • Geographic scope – local, statewide, national, global
  • Manual vs. automated verification methods
  • Volume of checks requested (more takes longer)
  • Level of detail and customization required
  • Weekends and holidays slow processing

By choosing an established provider with robust resources and workflows, you can minimize turnaround times for faster applicant onboarding and hiring.

What are common disqualifying background check findings?

While background screening criteria varies widely across roles and industries, some frequent disqualifiers include:

  • Violent criminal offenses, especially recent ones
  • Sex crimes involving minors
  • Financial crimes like fraud or embezzlement
  • Drug-related offenses
  • Severe motor vehicle infractions for drivers
  • Employment history red flags like firings, misconduct, gaps
  • False education credentials
  • Healthcare disciplinary actions, license revocations
  • International/global security watchlist matches

Many employers allow candidates to explain or mitigate certain findings, especially old or minor offenses. But organizations must evaluate their unique risks in establishing background check policies.

What are appropriate adverse action procedures?

If a background check reveals potential disqualifiers, employers must follow adverse action rules under the FCRA before rejecting an applicant. Key requirements include:

  • Send pre-adverse action notice to the candidate.
  • Provide a copy of the background check report.
  • Allow candidate time (usually 5 days) to explain or dispute any inaccurate findings.
  • Only after following FCRA protocol can the applicant be rejected based on background check findings.

Reputable providers will advise and assist with legally compliant adverse action procedures. Following these mandatory steps minimizes risks when screening uncovers problematic histories.

How often do background checks need to be renewed?

Most experts recommend re-screening employees every 2-3 years. More frequent checks may be prudent in healthcare, financial services, transportation and other sensitive roles. Beyond scheduled renewals, employees should be re-checked following promotions, international relocations or other material changes.

Implementing ongoing background screening demonstrates an organization’s commitment to safety and diligence in protecting customers and the workplace. Renewing checks on a regular basis enhances risk management.

Choose a Trusted Partner for Background Checks

Responsible background screening is crucial for making informed decisions across many areas like hiring, leasing, volunteering and more. As this guide demonstrates, multiple providers now offer fast, accurate and legally compliant verification services. By clearly defining your needs and comparing alternative firms, you can confidently select an ideal background check partner to promote safety and minimize risks.

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